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DOT vs. Minerálny Olej

Metalické vs. Organické platničky

Braking power isn’t everything – the choice of the right brake pad mixture is an important factor in transferring braking power to the trail and for ensuring that your brake can be modulated.

The type of brake pad mixture chosen depends not only on its intended use, but also on the individual rider’s preference – should the brake bite hard? Or should it be well modulated? Other riders, for example, prefer a low-noise braking process.

Here are the ideal brake pads for every requirement!

An overview of the various MAGURA disc brake pad mixtures

Magura offers a total of three different organic pad mixtures for disc brakes – “Comfort”, “Performance” and “Race”.

  • “Comfort” – These pads are particularly suitable for beginners and for riders who want really quiet brakingBraking force is excellent in both dry and wet conditions – and modulation is easy too. Our “Comfort” pads have the longest service life.
  • “Performance” – These MAGURA pads combine the best properties of the other pads. They give you greater braking force and minimal fading, which is a big help on long descents. “Performance” pads have a longer service life than the racing-oriented “Race” brake pads.
  • “Race” – Hard & uncompromising is the best way to describe the performance of these pads. The “Race” pads were developed with one goal in mind – maximum braking force. Although this means a shorter service life, it also offers additional reserves for riders who push themselves and their bikes to the limits.