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Rent a bike in Freeride Bikepark Kálnica

Bikes can be rented exclusively only during the opening hours and only in the bikepark! (usually Fridays to Sundays, Holidays, from 10:00-18:00)

Type of bike: Full suspension (ENDURO, TRAIL, GRAVITY)

Available sizes:

S (rider height 155-165cm)

M (rider height 165-176cm)

M/L (rider height 173-180cm)

L (rider height 177-188cm)

How to book a bike?

We recommend booking your bike in advance via online reservation

Payment possible on the spot

TREK REMEDY (27,5) and TREK SLASH (29) Enduro bike rental price list

1 day 60,00ÔéČ

2 days 110,00ÔéČ

3 days 150,00ÔéČ

Deposit: 100,00ÔéČ

Bikes are not insured. The customer is fully liable for damages. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the undamaged bicycle.

All bikes are serviced, inspected before and after each rental

Terms and conditions for renting a bicycle

  1. The customer hands over a valid ID (e.g. ID card) and presents a 2nd valid ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport, insurance card,…)
  2. The customer shall pay a refundable deposit of EUR 100,- in cash. The deposit is fully refundable upon proper return of the undamaged bicycle to the Rental company.
  3. The customer is obliged to use the bicycle exclusively in the Bikepark and to protect it from damage, destruction, loss or theft.
  4. The customer shall be fully liable for all damages (intentional or unintentional, falls, unprofessional handling…), destruction, loss or theft and other damages to the bicycle in full as well as for damages to property and health caused to third parties.
  5. The customer undertakes to report any damage that occurs during the rental period, at the latest when returning the rented bicycle.
  6. The customer undertakes to reimburse the Rental company for any damages caused to the bicycle, according to the recommended retail prices of the official importers of the individual components in the Slovak Republic.
  7. The Rental company may use the deposit deposited by the customer to pay for damages caused by the customer or to pay the contractual penalty for late return.
  8. The customer (and/or legal representative) can only rent one bicycle per contract. A new contract must be concluded for each subsequent rental. The customer may not let the bicycle to a third party for use. If he/she does so, he/she shall be liable for the full amount of the damages caused.
  9. If the customer returns the rented bicycle significantly dirty (muddy), the Rental company reserves the right to charge the renter a fee of 10,- euros for cleaning.
  10. The customer is obliged to return the rented bicycle to the responsible person no later than 18:00 on the last day of the rental. If the customer returns the bicycle after 18:00, it is considered as a new rental day.

Rental company: SLOVAKBIKEPARKS, Consulting & Trading, s.r.o.
Tich├í 3000/23, 010 01 ┼Żilina, ID No.: 46 806 954 VAT No.: 2023591141
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